Walter Marshall – Rest in peace

My sister is visiting Korea as part of a teaching group and went to see the
United Nations Memorial Cemetery.  She sent back some photos of a memorial to Canadians that died in Korea during the war.  Among those who are  interred there you will find Walter John Marshall, our Dad’s brother.

W.J. Marshall
Princess Patricia’s
Canadian Light Infantry
25th April 1951 age 22

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My uncle John let me know that “The exact duplicate of that monument is also in Ottawa and faces to be in the same geographic line as the statue in Korea.” “There is also a monument in Lindsay with Walter Marshall’s name engraved. It is in front of the Lindsay Library”

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Thank for the links -they were great. I had read a book in preparation for coming here called Blood on the Hills – the account of Canadians Korea, and it is an excellent book It was there that I deduced that Uncle Walter had been in the battle of KapYong. Aunt Leona told me that one of the soldiers had told her that Walter had been wounded and died of his injuries, but that was not included in the official letter,so it is hard to say what happened exactly, of course. I had an amazing experience at the cometary and will definitely be back again before we have to leave.
    Several of the ‘welcome’ speeches have mentioned the special bond between Canada and South Korea, because of the way we ‘answered the call’ and came to their defense, so those comments have been especially poignant to me at this time.

    Keep well,

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