Record Store Day 2012

I lucked out and picked up the Small Faces Ichycoo Park and Tin Soldier 45s.

Small Faces Itchycoo Park 45RPM artwook


Small Faces Tin Soldier 45RMP artwork

I wasn’t going to be meeting Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill of Simple Minds at the Sister Ray record shop in London, since I’m not in England, but I was able to pick up the 12″ vinyl they released to coincide with Record Store Day. It’s got a Moby remix of ‘Theme for Great Cities’ and the John Leckie 2012 mix of ‘I Travel’

Simple Minds 12" single

I also had to pick up the new PiL EP.
It’s the first new PiL music in almost 20 years.

PiL One Drop EP artwork

They were out of the Miles Davis Forever Miles record. This was a record store day exclusive release, and the dude said they only had one of them to start with. WTF?

Miles Davis Forever Miles artwork


Turns out the Miles Davis record was easy enough to get a hold of on the Internet.  I picked one up from here:

I had to get the hell out of there at this point, before I went nuts and started sweeping racks of records in to a shopping cart.

shut up and take my money


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