Gordon Lightfoot -The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

… and all that remains is the faces and the names of the wives, and the sons, and the daughters.


What can I say? I’m Canadian and this song speaks to me in some kind of weird nationalistic way.  Don’t even get me started on the Canadian Railroad Trilogy.

Crickets. (not the Buddy Holly kind)


Once upon a time, on a return trip from the cottage with a car full of my folks, my self, and I think at least 4 of my sisters, we got a flat tire on the trailer we were hauling.  The trailer was full of what was left after a trip of the kind, and all the stuff that came back home with us, and so it was still pretty full.  We couldn’t just leave it there and come back the next day.  After driving around looking for an service station (they had those at the time, but we couldn’t find an open one) it was finally decided we would spend the night with the car and trailer at the side of the highway until the service station we did find opened. An adventure.  The car was a big ol’ 1971 Chrysler ‘Newport’ and could easily transport us, but it wasn’t going to work with us all trying to sleep what was left of the night.  I was lucky enough to have ended up sleeping on a lawn chair, the long kind that you could lay out flat if you wanted to, at the side of the highway between the car and the ditch.  It was awesome.  I lay out under the stars.  The trucks roaring by were something, but it was the crickets I’ll never forget.  I’m brought back to that exact time when ever I hear a lot of crickets.  There were so very many of them all ‘chirping’ in such an endless wave, I don’t know if I fell asleep or into a trance.


wtfoftheday – Mediengruppe Telekommander

Uhmm… yeah, you’re going to need to turn this up to get the full effect.

FWIW: A translation of “bis zum erbrechen schreien” at babelfish.yahoo.com results in “Up to vomiting cry” Google says it’s “Until vomiting scream” … both work for me as far as the video is concerned, I do like the tune for some reason ;o) All technopop should be in German.

Mediengruppe Telekommander – Bis zum Erbrechen schreien

The real video:


Why does my toaster’s dial go to 6?

If you put the dial above 3 you aren’t going to get anything but charcoal out of the thing. It doesn’t matter if the product you put in it is dense or porous, it’s going to burn. Why not adjust the elements or the resistance of the control circuit to max out at whatever setting equals 3 now ?

It’ll make it a safer toaster since accidentally moving the dial or slider to the MAX position will result in an overdone or slightly burnt piece of toast, instead of the glowing piece of coal the current system would provide. It would also give a greater range of browning for bread or bagels because, lets face it, half of the resolution of the current system is wasted. I’ve never owned a toaster that was of any use above the half way point of the dial, so it’s not just the one I currently use that is like this. Why hasn’t one engineer at a small appliance manufacturer ever looked into this poor design ?


Alright then, I can put a check mark next to ‘post a rant on something unimportant’ in my list of blog must haves.  I guess next up will be ‘find and post a ‘bizarre music video that is actually quite catchy

ramble tamble

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Ramble Tamble lyrics:

Down the road
I go.

There’s mud in the water,
Roach in the cellar,
Bugs in the sugar,
Mortgage on the home,
Mortgage on the home.

There’s garbage on the sidewalk,
Highways in the back yard,
Police on the corner,
Mortgage on the car,
Mortgage on the car.

Down the road
I go.

They’re selling independence,
Actors in the white house,
Acid indigestion,
Mortgage on my life,
Mortgage on my life.

Down the road
I go.

Ramble tamble tamble
Ramble tamble tamble
Ramble tamble tamble


I think that if your my age, or so, this is likely a song you forgot you loved.  It was always nice to pick up an album for the 2:30 – 3:00 min songs, and get this one at 7:10 and I heard it through the grapevine for 11:07.