Record Store Day 2014

I missed out on the Dresden Dolls re-issue I was hoping to snag, but still came away with a pretty good haul this year.


One of my favorite songs by The Stranglers – Peaches. This is a 7″ 45 on green vinyl.


A 7″ 45 from The Specials – Sock It To Em J.B./Rat Race


Tears for Fears – Ready Boys and Girls?  has three exclusive covers of songs by Arcade Fire, Hot Chip and Animal Collective on 10″ white vinyl.

“My Girls”, “Ready To Start”, “Boy From School”


The The – Giant is a 12″ with “Giant” on one side and “Giant DJ Food Remix (2011)” on the other.


Joy Division – An Ideal For Living. This is a reissue from a newly cut master for the first ever Joy Division release.


Hank Williams – The Garden Spot Programs, 1950–Extended Play This is a 10″ EP on brown vinyl. Previously unreleased, from a 1950 radio show sponsored by Texas’ Naughton Farms Nursery, and brought about with the help of Williams’ daughter Jett.

SIDE ONE: “The Garden Spot Jingle”, “I Don’t Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes), “Lovesick Blues”, “Closing/Oh Susanna”. SIDE TWO: “Farther Along”, “Mind Your Own Business”, “Fiddle Tune”, “Closing/Oh Susanna”.


I also picked up a 7″ single of Marianne Faithfull – Sister Morphine / Something Better.


Music Finland with The Line of Best Fit – This 10″ was created for Record Store Day and was included in my bag from Sunrise Records along with my purchases. It includes tracks from six Finnish acts – Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Mirel Wagner, Beastmilk, Satellite Stories, NEØV and The New Tigers.

You can stream the full thing here:

And we go Doot… Doot-Doot

I have this “Special extended 12″ mix” by a band whose name was a graphic squiggle, that was subsequently given the pronunciation Freur. I have to blame CFNY for this purchase, because they played it just often enough to make me want my own copy. It’s a perfect 6 minutes 4 seconds of Synth-Pop from 1983.

My copy of the record isn’t as out of focus as the one in the video above. Although I do have to admit that it may have been on some occasions. I also must admit that I love the cricket chorus at the very beginning of the track.

If you skip to the 6:00 minute mark you hear an snippet of someone talking, but the sound is played backwards. On the record it’s just before the needle heads in to the tail off groove at the end, and isn’t very loud.

I didn’t feel like running my turntable backwards, so I recorded it and then inverted it back again, using Audacity. Now you can hear what was being said.

I still don’t know what he’s saying. *sad trombone*

Record Store Day 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I picked up some nice discs for Record Store Day this year. I got there early enough but still missed out on a couple of my top choices. A reissue of the Cure’s Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me on red vinyl (only 2 available at the shop I went to) and a Factory Records sampler that apparently wasn’t available at any record store in Burlington.


This is a 10″ LP on 180g red vinyl with songs originally recorded in 1950. The title is Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals, and that is what it delivers. I’m loving this one.


A reissue of Miles Davis Round About Midnight, his debut on Columbia Records that was originally released in March 1957. It’s on 180g vinyl and numbered 3742 but I don’t know how many were pressed.

The 4th studio album for Ultravox, first released in July 1980. A definite synthpop classic that I was missing.  This disk is on 180g white vinyl.

Brian Eno “Lux“ Nicholas Jaar Remix (The first official Brian Eno remix ever) + Grizzly Bear “Sleeping Ute“ Nicholas Jaar Remix.

This is a two LP reissue of his 2003 release. I joined the Buck65 party late, and am stoked to get a copy of these tracks.

white stripes
White Stripes – White Blood Cells.
The third album originally released by the White Stripes in 2001, this one is remastered and reprinted by Third Man Records. This LP is pressed on black, 180 gram vinyl and also included an mp3 download coupon for entire album.

This one was compiled for the 20th anniversary of Richard Litterateur’s stoner masterpiece Dazed & Confused. It’s a double LP on 180g green colored vinyl, limited to 5000 numbered copies. Mine is number 2360/5000. I love this movie for many reasons, not the least of which is because I was in High School from 71 to 75 and know what they’re toking about. This is basically the soundtrack to those years.

silver ticket

Included in my goody bag was  Terminal Sales, Vol. 6: The Silver Ticket 2013 label sampler—a 19-track CD sampler from Sub Pop Records featuring “a heaping helping of new, and in some cases somewhat rare, tracks from the likes of Low, Shabazz Palaces, Mudhoney, Father John Misty, Still Corners, Pissed Jeans, and 13 others”. I have a feeling this is going to end up costing me, in the end.