Spellbound: The Story of John McGeoch

When I first dropped a needle on the LP Real Life by Magazine – I was hooked for life.  Whenever I put this one on the turntable, I recall the advice given on the back cover of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars “To be played at maximum volume”  – and then I do.


Tarantula – Bob Dylan – Page 56

radio siren/ the communists would call him Lazy
& the veteran calls him a bum & yo ho ho & a
bottle of rum but he’s nice to priests & don’t
tangle with the mayor’s daughter ‘n law . . . he
wears silk & bows to yoyos, barbells & the
strangers—he steals bow ties & heading for the
north & waves to soldiers with amputated hands
who picked up broken ashtray pieces & staying
clear of muffled & exploding roosters, he pets
ornaments & twin pipes/ there is a rhapsody to
his toughness & he sure is warm & worthlessly

the deer thru the woods quite out of it
all shall never be the slave but the target
for military & freedom’s legs having no
substitute for death when sunday professor & the
children come out, say “watch it, you bound to
stumble nowl” & the lady in waiting just
& asked if that’s a threat or perhaps a friendly
warming & the innocent coon being scraped on
table—liberty, an orphan sonnet, unwritten &
having no eyes & needs, no defense & getting
some glass in the veins—the conspiracy to kill


All rights reserved.
Copyright © 1966 Bob Dylan.
Copyright © 1971 by The Macmillan Company.
I posted this after someone on Facebook asked me to grab the closest book to me, select page 56, and use the fifth sentence as my ‘status’ line. As you can see there aren’t really any sentences on page 56. (or any of the other 150 pages, it’s pretty much all like this ;o)

Little triggers but big tears

You can’t see it with the resolution of this photo but, there were words scratched into the master of this pressing. They are located in the needle run-off area between the song track and the label.

On this side it’s “I think you know what I mean” On the other side (Blame it on Cain” & Mystery Dance) is “Little triggers but big tears” The catalog numbers are machine stamped in the area as well, but the text quoted above was hand made

I have to wonder if it was Elvis, Nick Lowe, or just some dude at the pressing factory; I choose to believe it was Elvis signing the work.
I’ve seen Elvis Costello live once, at the O’Keefe Centre on November 3 1978.
We had front row seats just to stage left, which was fortunate because that dude really spits when he sings. We had to cross a picket line out front put on by “Women Against Violence Against Women” because the opening act “Battered Wives”, well… were called Battered Wives, and their logo was a fist with lipstick lip marks across the fingers. Go figure.

Something that needs to be said on the train…

Excuse me (sir|mam|miss|buddy), I think your ear-buds are broken. You should be aware that instead of providing you with a private listening experience they are broadcasting your shitty taste in music to a train full of strangers who are forming an unflattering opinion of you.