So, it’s got that going for it. Which is nice.

I just bought a 7″ vinyl record by Jane Woodman & Zoë Keating. It’s got an awesome track named Tango on one side, and a real trippy cover of The Psychedelic Furs song Sister Europe, on the other. It’s on blue vinyl with a jacket pocket designed by Jane Woodman, and at $7USD which includes streaming from Bandcamp, and downloads that are available in all kinds of formats, it’s a pretty reasonable price. The cost does increase with the conversion to Canadian dollars. That and the inevitable shipping costs brings the price to $21.29 CDN.

This now makes it an expensive 10 minutes and 19 seconds of music. At least it seems so compared to a digital download.


The thing is, I could listen to it for nothing at Bandcamp. So can you, it’s right up there, or you can go directly to:

I think that being able to listen to the songs first, makes me more likely to buy them. Sometimes the little snippet that some sites provide doesn’t really give a true sense of the tune.

So, I decided that I’ll think of it as $7 for a couple of great songs in a bunch of different formats, including one for my turntable, and $14 to encourage them to make more. As a bonus, some postal workers get some money thrown their way.

Oh, and it’s blue. Blue’s a cool colour, so, it’s got that going for it. which is nice.

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon

The following is one of the “Thank you notes” presented on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” September 30th 2011:


Thank you …

The newly released Google wallet app that no longer requires you to carry your credit cards.

Nice try Google, but you aren’t getting your hands on my personal information.

Except for every word I’ve ever said in an email,

every thing I search for on the internet,

who my friends are,

where I’m travelling to every day, how I got there,

and of course, what my house looks like from space.

But, that’s it, that’s where I draw the line mister.